How to Pick Up a Girl in a Bar Successfully

Going to the club or to a bar presents many ways for you to meet the opposite sex. You will find plenty of ladies who have different reasons why they are there. For college guys who are tight on their allowance, this is a good place for you to get girls for free. Well, this is actually the reason why I go to a bar or a club during those times in college when I want to meet someone and ultimately score.

But it’s not every time that you are able to pick someone up before the night is over. Unfortunately, there are many guys who do not get that much luck at all. This is because picking a girl to ultimately score involves many factors. Each element must be put into consideration or most of them must be applied for a successful night. To increase your probabilities in scoring, tips on preparing and picking up a girl will be discussed here.

Hold on soldier, before you engage on the playing field, be sure to equip yourself first. Do not go bare-handed unless you want to get results. So here some stuff that you have to do first:

Prepare What You Need

a. Some Cash to Cover Expenses
Be sure to bring with you enough money for your pass and booze plus other charges that may occur during your escapade like a budget for a cab or gas for your car, motel accommodation if you do not have a place nearby, and for contingency purposes.

b. Rubber Coating for your Rod
Be sure to bring with you a rubber coating for your rod, 가상축구 do not ever go out without it. You will never know when it will come in handy. Luck comes unexpectedly any given time so never ever forget it. Besides, girls also want it that way. It’s a safe way of making love.

c. Suit Up
Dress up accordingly. Okay, this is the part where you must take into consideration the kind of place where you are going to. Do not dress all hip with your large accessories or put up your boy band outfit if you are going somewhere that does not offer such theme. I suggest that you just put on your casual wear or semi-formal wear. That way, you will be neutral and your style will not just cater on some specific group’s preference.

d. Invest on Yourself
You should invest in yourself especially the way you look or even smell. I am not saying that you should have a plastic surgery or anything like that. What I mean is get yourself a haircut, bathe yourself using scented oils like tree oil, apply a deodorant, put on a hair gel and some perfume.

e. Be Confident
Lastly, be confident or always believe in yourself. Being confident gives out a vibrant aura about you and it will definitely bring out the best in you. With it, you will be able to make the right moves and say the perfect lines. Basically, this part is the most important factor that you should have in order for you to proceed to the next part of this article, which is the actual pick up.

So you are now in the bar, you are all prepared but you don’t know what to do. Let us now discuss the tips on how you start your epic night. Here are some tips on how to pick up a girl in a club without embarrassing yourself:

Tips on How to Pick Up a Girl

a. Sit Down or Hang Out in the Bar
Pick a strategic place in the bar where you can have a good view of most of its areas. This will enable you to acquire a prospective target and it will also allow the girl to easily spot you. Now this is the part where you get your radar working.

b. Assess the Situation
Once your radar picks up a girl, assess her first. Pay attention to how she moves or how she dresses. That would give you an idea if she is outgoing, shy, conservative or wild. A basic logic will do the trick or just let your instincts work on this one.

c. Keep the Eye Contact
Then while looking at her, she suddenly catches a glimpse of you. I don’t know why this happens but it happens. People have the instinct of knowing when they are being watched. Well, let’s stop wondering about that phenomenon and concentrate on the mission at hand. Okay, once she takes a look at you and she stares at you, keep your eye contact. When she smiles at you, gives a bottle’s up or gives any positive gesture. That is a go. Approach her.

d. Talk the Talk
Start with a “Hi” or some cool phrase, and ask her name. If she asks yours too, that means she’s interested. So fire away soldier. Remember to keep the conversation going smoothly. Do not monopolize the conversation though, most girls prefer a listener. Make your conversation two-way, like a question and answer between the two of you. You take turns in talking. Then try not to have a long pause in between your conversation, unless there is something physical going on. To get to the next level, try to get more personal and get your conversation to an intimate level.

e. Do the Touchy Stuff
Once, you reach the peak of your intimacy, start by getting a bit physical like sitting closely with her. Let your skin touch each other gradually. Let your arms touch each other until both of your shoulders get too close. Then follow it up by holding her hand or wrapping her with an arm. If you don’t see any struggle or any negative reactions, that’s a good sign.

f. Get Out of There
Keep the eye contact and the conversation going with some intimate physical contact. Then ask her if she wants to get out of there and check some other place or get to a place more quiet where you could talk and get to know more about each other, like your pad or some motel. If she agrees, your mission is accomplished!

There are many other techniques and factors involved aside from these basic ones. But we will get to an in-depth discussion about that later in our next articles. These methods may not work every time but it surely worked 75%-80% most of the time. Lastly, do not forget to put passion in everything that you do. Confidence, coupled with passion, will get you the reaction that you desire.


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