Gas Heat and Gas Appliances – Dangerous to Service Unless by a Qualified Air Conditioning Specialist

Years ago during the gold rush and railroad expansion era, it was necessary to carry birds down into the mines for the safety and well being of the workers.  The purpose of this was to let the miners and laborers know if the air became dangerous to breathe due to carbon monoxide.  If the birds died, it was a sign that the miners needed to evacuate.  Much like carbon monoxide, plumbing gas leaks pose a substantial threat to the well being of every family member and to property as well.  It is a scary prospect to think of the repercussions.

The worst case scenario is the loss of loved ones, pets, and property.  If there is a gas leak, shutting off the entire gas supply to the entire structure is paramount as well as all electrical power at the breaker or fuse panel.  Any individual who is occupying the building should vacate the structure immediately.  All animals should be removed as well. madeesy

Servicing gas powered appliances require the same special care that should be given to repairing gas leaks.  Most home owners would not attempt to tackle a problem such as this, and wisely so.  It is far too easy for a novice to make a simple oversight which could cost them their home and life.

The best alternative and safest resource to tap is a qualified service technician.  Many air conditioning companies, as well as plumbing companies, goodspropertyservices offer in home service for a variety of appliances and gas services.  More often than not, HVAC service companies are the ones which will service all of the home’s gas appliances.  Even gas powered water heaters are usually service by HVAC technicians instead of plumbers.  This can vary depending on the region, though.

One advantage of using an air conditioning company to repair or install gas appliances or repair an existing gas leak is that after the service has been provided, the home owner should request an air quality test.  Many of these tests will detect other serious and deadly threats such as carbon monoxide and radon, both of which are odorless and considered silent killers.  Peace of mind regarding the comfort of loved one’s is important, but knowing absolutely that the immediate health of loved one’s is secure for the present and future can not be substituted. 2oceansplumbing


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